Homely as a bed & breakfast, comfortable as a hotel.

All rooms keep some of their original features, such as the terracotta tile flooring and the wooden beam ceiling. More comfort is ensured by blinds, ensuite shower, disposable courtesy kit. You can also ask for additional services, available upon request: bike, terrace, shuttle service.

Every room is equipped with minibar, free Wi-fi, TV.

Di Pinto room

The Di Pinto room is embellished by a 19th century fresco. It’s highly recommended for extended stays, with its 30 square metres (320 square feet), its pretty wicker armchairs and a vanity table. The Di Pinto room is not just for sleeping, it’s for living.

Carafa room

The Carafa is 28 square metres large (300 square feet) and it offers a balcony giving onto the quiet courtyard. Among its peculiarities, you will find a chestnut beam ceiling and old terracotta planks, called panconcelle.


Orsini room

The Orsini room is in the attic, so you can easily reach our terrace. Take a look above your head, you’ll be surprised by the typical chestnut beam and terracotta ceiling.

Mastrilli room

The Mastrilli is a double room usually booked as a single. It’s on the first floor and it gives onto a small balcony on the quiet courtyard.

Aragona room

This 30 square metres (320 square feet) room is on the ground floor and sleeps up to 4 people. Tuff arches and the vaulted ceiling bathroom adorn this beautiful lodging.

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